Meals on Wheels



The Meals on Wheels Program enables the elderly, the sick, and the disabled to remain in their own homes with help from people who care.  Through Meals on Wheels, home-delivered meals are provided to persons who are unable to prepare their own meals and are at risk of going to a nursing home.


Our local Meals on Wheels program is proud to be apart of a Kenosha area work group focused on decreasing hospital admissions and readmissions. Data analysis performed by Metastar demonstrates that Meals on Wheels helps enrolled clients reduce their chances of hospital admission and readmission. The analysis supports what we know to be true - that Meals on Wheels helps clients by providing proper nutrition and safety checks while reducing isolation.


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Meals on Wheels: Provides meal service Monday through Friday to eligible individuals living in Kenosha County.


Meals are delivered between 11-1 pm.  Individuals may select a one or two meal options.  For those requiring additional meals, there are frozen meals available to eat on the weekends that are delivered once per month.

Meals are prepared by local organizations with kitchens through contracts with Meals on Wheels.



Animeals: Meals on Wheels recipients who are also pet owners in need of pet food may be eligible for our Animeals program. KAFASI has partnered with Kenosha Forgotten Friends (a no kill pet rescue organization) to help our participants meet the nutritional needs of their companion animals.




*Pet food is delivered once per month on an as needed and as available basis. Because pet food is donated, pet food deliveries cannot be guaranteed.




Meals on Wheels are available to individuals who are elderly or disabled, who are homebound and unable to prepare meals for themselves or do not have assistance in preparing meals. When meals are requested, our social worker will come to your home to further discuss your needs.


 *All meals are 1/3 RDA.





Our program also offers a daily “check-in” for seniors.  If we have trouble delivering to you, we make sure to contact your family to find out why. 





Our office is open M-F 8-4:30 pm.  If you are interested in learning more about our services please call:


City Services or Animeals (262) 658-0237


County Services (262) 358-5779






Both Meals on Wheels and our Animeals program are in need of volunteers.  Volunteers deliver meals to 8-16 people one day a week for about one hour, and pet food donations are delivered once per month.


We serve about 250 people per day.  Because the need is so great in the community and we are not-for-profit – we rely on volunteers to get the job done.


Volunteers must have a driver’s license and transportation.  Training is easy.  If you are interested, please call our program coordinator at 658-3508, ext. 116.



Click here to become a volunteer


Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA)



Kenosha Forgotten Friends