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"I hesitate to say that I have become a social butterfly, but I have to admit that KAFASI has made and incredible difference in my life and my attitude."

Friendly Visitor Volunteer

Senior Center Without Walls Participant

Friendly Visitor 262.658.3508


"Words fall short when I attempt to adequately thank you for everything you did to make our Stepping On class so very welcoming, informative and fun. Your compassion, concern and encouragement at each class was truly a great positive force for success. I feel privileged to have been a part of this wonderful class. The experience has proven to be very beneficial in restoring my strength and balance. I'm not 100% yet, but slowly making progress..."

Stepping On 262.658.3508


"Our group was very nice and open to discuss all matters. Good, friendly communication in group and with facilitators."

Stepping On 262.658.3508


"The meals are EXCELLENT. The people who deliver them are so special too. I look forward to seeing them every day. Thank you so much."

Meals on Wheels 262.658.0237


"All in all, an absolutely wonderful service with wonderful staff."

Meals on Wheels 262.658.0237


"I am happy I can get it (Meals on Wheels). I am 98 years old, and always cooked my food till now. Thank you."

Meals on Wheels 262.658.0237


"Thanks for the kitty food & toys. She hasn't played this much in years."

AniMeals 262.658.0237


"LOVED hearing your use of the Dementia Live Experience in your office for staff training on last weeks Coaches training call.

Way to go Kenosha!!" 

Dementia Live 262.658.3508



“Meals on Wheels is such a great blessing 5 days a week.  While my brother has dementia he recognizes his Meals on Wheels drivers and it lifts his spirits.  I see him often, but I just can’t see him every day so knowing someone is coming by daily around 11a.m. is a huge help and blessing.”

Meals on Wheels 262.658.0237


"To Whom It May Concern,

This email is sent as a brief thank you for the wonderful work you do as an agency.

I especially want to recognize and thank your staff member (Worker) for the diligent and caring work she has done with me.

I needed a wheelchair for my upcoming hearing for social security disability and (Worker) ensured that I was provided with one.

I contacted the agency on Thursday, I was told that all the chairs were presently on reserve. (Worker) could have ended her support there, instead she contacted the Milwaukee office where the SSD hearing is to be held to check with them relative to whether or not there were wheelchair support onsite. She then retrieved the process and contact information on my behalf, called me back to relay the information to me, then she suggested that I give her time to further pursue whether or not your chairs on reserve could be freed up.

This morning, (Worker) called to inform me that she had indeed located a chair. We arranged for me to retrieve it at 11:00 am (I was early). (Worker) brought the chair out to me, put it in my car and even spent a few moments humoring an old girl that lives alone and don't get to talk to a lot of people.

Coming from a service environment of working with military spouses for nearly 20 years, I recognize superb service when I encounter it and (Worker) is the real deal. She went above and beyond, I am supremely appreciative of her work. Thank you (Worker).

May God forever shine his light upon you and the extraordinary work you do.


(Participant Name)"

Information Access & Assistance 262.605.6646


"Hi (Worker),

Yesterday a member at my church, (Participant Name), had tears in her eyes when she told me how grateful she was for KAFASI and how you helped save her life.  She had some concerning symptoms, wanted to go to the hospital and didn’t have anyone else to call. She called you and knows that you tried several people before finding her a ride. Within the hour she was receiving treatment for a stroke and believes the quick response time is what made the difference for her survival and recovery.

Thank you for responding so quickly and compassionately to a request for last-minute service outside our normal parameters.  We value our partnership with KAFASI and its caring staff who truly make a difference in people’s lives.

(Community Member)"

Volunteer Transportation 262.842.7433


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