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Agency Employees



First  Last Email Phone Job Title Location
Sean Adamczyk   262.552.7737  Senior Dining Site Coordinator - ANP Parkside Baptist
Penny Amelotte pamelotte@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x126 Family Services Main Office - Family Services
Ashley Bardwell ashley.bardwell@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6640 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Cara Beck-Goettge cara.beck-goettge@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6623 Transition Services Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Carmen Beland cbeland@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x103 Family Service Worker Main Office
Mary             Bengston mary.bengston@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6621 Lead Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Kimberly Biehn kbiehn@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x104 Family Preservation Worker Main Office - Family Services
Heather Bieniarz hbieniarz@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x123 Operations Manager Main Office - Business Office
Susan Binzel     Senior Dining Float - ANP Varies
Joy Bjerk jbjerk@kafasi.org 262.818.3448 Family Support/Preservation Worker Main Office - Family Services
Linda Bocanegra-Johnson lindabjohnson@kafasi.org 262.358.5387 Stepping On, Memory Masters Varies
Lisa            Bowe lbowe@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x113 Famiy Preservation Main Office - Family Services
Heidi Bradley heidi.bradley@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6653 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Janice Bulanda jbulanda@kafasi.org 262.658.0237 Senior Dining Site Coordinator - ANP Music & Memory Program Boys & Girls Club
Julie Cannon jcannon@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x118 Snr Dining Site Co. - ANP, Caregiver Support Sharing Center, Main Office
Cathy   Coleman ccoleman@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x110 Friendly Visitor Program Manager Main Office
Patty Collins pcollins@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x120 Dementia Live, Sip & Swipe Café Main Office
Rachel    DeWildt rachel.dewildt@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6626 Supervisor IA&A (ADRC)
Sherry Farrell sherry.farrell@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6628 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Kelly Heck kelly.heck@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6659 IA&A Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Carmyn Hough chough@kafasi.org 262.605.3508 x108 Director of Family Services Main Office - Family Services
Diana Jaeger djaeger@kafasi.org 262.358.5779 Coordinator - County MOW & SD Twin Lakes
Christine John   262.605.6646 Loan Closet Assistant IA&A (ADRC)
Susan Johnson susan.johnson@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6602 Dementia Care Specialist ADRC
Jim Kaiser     Senior Dining Float - ANP  
Annette Kraus annette.kraus@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6636 Resource Coordinator IA&A (ADRC)
Kerry Krehbiel   262.654.0103 Senior Dining Site Coordinator - ANP Lakeside Towers
Jessica Kwapil jessica.kwapil@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6657 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Tricia      Madore tricia.madore@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6668 IA&A Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Renee         Masche renee.masche@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6665 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Denise Maxey denise.maxey@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6660 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Abigail Mederos abigail.mederos@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6664 Bi-lingual LTC Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Ashley Meyer ameyer@kafasi.org 262.515.1720 Family Safety Worker Main Office - Family Services
Stephen Misciagno stephen.misciagno@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6667 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
Davin Moulis-Nissen dmoulis@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x106 Director Nutrition Programs Main Office
Katie Oatsvall koatsvall@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x111 Executive Director Main Office
Kim Pedersen kpedersen@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x214 Family Support Main Office - Family Services
Arturo Perez aperez@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x107 Family Safety Worker Main Office - Family Services
Rose Perez rperez@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x114 RSVP Program Assistant Main Office - RSVP
Jack Ray jray@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x119 Volunteer Transportation Program Manager Main Office - VTS
Trish Rediske trish.rediske@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6638 Administrative Assistant IA&A (ADRC)
Jenny Reisenauer jreisenauer@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 Office Clerk Main Office
Helen Sampson helen.sampson@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6614 Quality Coordinator ADRC
Danie Schweitzer dschweitzer@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x102 Fiscal Manager Main Office - Business Office
Dawn Skau dskau@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x195 Volunteer Transportation Assistant Main Office - VTS
Rebecca Stevens rstevens@kafasi.org 262.658.3508 x115 RSVP Program Manager Main Office - RSVP
Jennifer Swartz jswartz@kafasi.org   Senior Services Nutrition Assistant Main Office
Deb Vega   262.658.9311 Senior Dining Site Coordinator - ANP Kenosha Senior Center
Allysa Vucenic allysa.vucenic@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6618 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)
De'Muria Ware dware@kafasi.org 262-658-3508 x122 Coordinator - City Meals on Wheels  
Kenneth Wiberg   262.843.3828 Senior Dining Site Coordinator - ANP Westosha Community Center
Vacant     262.658.3508 x116   Main Office - Senior Services
Meghan Williamson     Loan Closet Assistant ADRC
Alexandra Wilson alexandra.wilson@kenoshacounty.org 262.605.6637 Long Term Care Specialist IA&A (ADRC)




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