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Description: Memory Masters is designed for those Interested in retaining memory function.  This class focuses on exercising the brain in a positive, supportive environment where participants learn, share, and engage with one another.  Classes consist of a structured curriculum that includes critical thinking, creative activities, physical exercise, while connecting with others in a fun and nurturing environment.



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Additional Information: According to many studies, including the Alzheimer’s Association website “physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity, and social engagement can help keep your body and brain healthy and potentially reduce your risk of cognitive decline.”  Memory Masters reinforces these habits weekly, plus provides optional homework for each participant. 

Memory Masters is a proactive approach in working on brain health for anyone concerned about their memory.  In addition, the participants in classes like these often make lasting relationships with one another.

Though a class like Memory Masters is new to Kenosha, it is not a new concept.  Early Memory Loss classes began in California in 2003 and several organizations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin began similar programs soon after.  Since then, research studies, manuals, and best practice guides have been created, outlining a specific formula for organizations to use.  With startup funding assistance from the Brookdale National Group Respite Program, KAFASI is able to bring the concept of this program to life.


For more information, to enroll, or to volunteer please call 262-658-3508


Supported in part by the Brookdale Foundation Group


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