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AmeriCorps Seniors FGP volunteers help guide students to higher academic achievement. The Foster Grandparent program connects role modes like you with young people in need. You will assist students from grades K-8 in subjects such as reading and writing and serve as a mentor to children going through difficult times. Enrich your life while enriching the lives of others by providing the kind of comfort and love that sets a child on a path to a successful future.


• Health and wellness. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers experience decreased anxiety, depression, and loneliness. 84% of volunteer report stable or improving health after one year of service.

• Self-improvement. See the daily impact of your service as you build on the skills you already have and develop new ones.

• Stipend. We offer a modest, tax-free stipend to qualified volunteers, that won’t effect any of your existing benefits.

• Community. Connect with others and be part of something bigger. 88% of volunteers who felt a lack of companionship reported fewer feelings of isolation after becoming an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer.

• New skills. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers often tap their wealth of experience and wisdom and channel it in new directions.

Program Details


Located in Kenosha and Racine city/county schools

Bimestrial volunteer meetings at the Kenosha Public Museum
Eligibility Requirements
  • 55 years and older
  • Meet Income Guidelines
  • Clear necessary background checks
  • Participate in training specific to their volunteer assignments



Call 262-287-7295 or email Jeromy Moore at [email protected] for more information.