Meals on Wheels

Helping Seniors Age in Place


The Meals on Wheels Program enables the elderly, the sick, and the disabled to remain in their own homes with help from people who care. Through Meals on Wheels, home-delivered meals are provided to persons who are unable to prepare their own meals and are at risk of going to a nursing home. Meals are nutritionally balanced, created for good taste, healthy portions and specific health needs in mind.

Our program is part of a Kenosha area work group focused on decreasing hospital admissions and re-admissions. Our data analysis supports what we know to be true – that Meals on Wheels helps seniors by providing proper nutrition and safety checks while reducing isolation.


People who receive Meals on Wheels services get nutritious hot meals delivered directly to their homes by friendly volunteers. That daily contact with our volunteers provides social contact for many who may feel isolated or lonely. The contact also provides a daily well check for that person, ensuring they are well and can continue to live in their home.

Program Details


Meals on Wheels is available all throughout Kenosha County.

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone age 60 or older qualifies for Meals on Wheels.


For those who can private pay the cost is $5.25 per meal. For people who meet the low income status we suggest a donation of $3 per meal, however, we will work with you and will make sure you can get your meals.


For more information call 262-658-3508 or email April Guenther at [email protected]