Top 5 Reasons to Become a Meals on Wheels Volunteer at Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services, Inc.

Published On: June 2nd, 2023

KAFASI is Where Kenosha Cares for Kenosha

Since 1969, Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services, Inc. (KAFASI) has been dedicated to providing quality services for all stages of life. With the largest volunteer base in Kenosha, our Senior Services division offers seniors a variety of ways to meet their needs and age comfortably in their own homes. One of our key programs is Meals on Wheels, where volunteers deliver healthy meals to seniors and make a significant difference in their lives. Here are the top five reasons why you should consider becoming a Meals on Wheels volunteer with KAFASI:

#1 Meaningful Social Interaction and Safety Check:

As a Meals on Wheels volunteer, you provide more than just a nutritious meal. Your in-person delivery allows for regular social interaction with the seniors, brightening their day and reducing feelings of isolation. Additionally, your visit serves as a brief safety check, ensuring their well-being and providing peace of mind for their loved ones.

#2 Flexible and Convenient:

Our volunteer opportunity is perfect for those with busy schedules. With pick-up and delivery taking as little as one hour, you can easily fit volunteering into your lunch break or any other convenient time during the day. Make a difference without sacrificing your personal commitments.

#3 Weekday Availability:

Volunteering with Meals on Wheels is available Monday through Friday, providing flexibility for individuals seeking weekday volunteer opportunities. Join our team and contribute to the community on a regular basis, while still having your weekends free.

#4 Rewarding Impact:

By delivering meals to seniors, you directly contribute to their overall well-being and independence. Your service enables them to continue living in their homes, surrounded by familiarity and cherished memories. The gratitude and smiles you receive from the recipients are priceless rewards that will warm your heart.

#5 Join a Supportive Community:

As a Meals on Wheels volunteer, you become part of a supportive and caring community. Collaborate with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for serving others. Build new friendships and connections while making a positive impact on the lives of local seniors.

Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services, Inc. invite you to become a Meals on Wheels volunteer and contribute to the well-being of seniors in our community. With our rich history of service and strong community partnerships, KAFASI is committed to ensuring seniors can age with dignity and receive the support they deserve. Join our team of dedicated volunteers and make a meaningful impact in the lives of local seniors. Together, we can embody the spirit of “Kenosha Cares for Kenosha!”

To learn more about volunteering with Meals on Wheels or to get involved with KAFASI’s programs and services, fill out the volunteer enrollment form or contact us at 262-658-3508. We look forward to welcoming you to our volunteer family at KAFASI!

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