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In the heart of Kenosha County, an urgent issue is simmering – senior hunger. The Meals on Wheels network, a vital lifeline woven through 5,000 communities nationwide, stands at the forefront of combating this challenge. Its mission? To ensure no senior is left isolated or hungry. In Kenosha County alone, the Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services (KAFASI) orchestrated the delivery of an impressive 125,179 meals in 2023 through Meals on Wheels. Now, KAFASI is calling on you to join the #SaveLunch/March for Meals Campaign, a national endeavor to fortify this crucial program.

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A Nationwide Call to Action

With over a quarter of the American population crossing the 60-year threshold, and an expected surge to 93 million in the next decade, the stakes have never been higher. Seniors, especially those on fixed incomes, find themselves at the crossroads of inflation and rising living costs, making them particularly susceptible to hunger. Moreover, as our nation becomes more diverse, the impact on older Americans of color grows, underscoring the need for inclusive support systems.

The testimonials from Meals on Wheels beneficiaries paint a vivid picture of the program’s impact: 77% report improved health, 85% feel more secure, and an overwhelming 92% say the meals are a cornerstone of their independence. “Without Meals on Wheels, my home would no longer be my sanctuary,” shares one Kenosha recipient, highlighting not just the nutritional but the emotional sustenance provided by the volunteers’ visits.

March for Meals: A Historical Tribute

The March for Meals campaign is not just an annual event; it’s a tribute to a pivotal moment in 1972 when the Older Americans Act embraced a nutritional program for seniors. Fast forward over five decades, and the need for such programs has only intensified, with millions of older Americans grappling with hunger and isolation.

Kenosha’s response? A week-long awareness blitz from March 19th-22nd, featuring influential community figures teaming up with KAFASI to shine a spotlight on this growing issue. Their involvement in delivering meals and engaging with seniors underscores the collective resolve to combat hunger and loneliness.

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Join the Cause

You, too, can be a beacon of hope for Kenosha’s seniors. Whether it’s through a donation at KAFASI’s Donation Page or by stepping forward as a volunteer at KAFASI’s Volunteer Page, your contribution can make a world of difference. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a message of care, community, and compassion.

Together, we can ensure that the golden years for Kenosha’s seniors are filled with warmth, nutrition, and companionship. Let’s join hands with KAFASI and #SaveLunch for our cherished elders. Every meal delivered, every dollar donated, and every volunteer hour spent brings us closer to a community where no senior is left behind.

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