Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services Unites Community in #SaveLunch Campaign to Support Senior Nutrition

The Kenosha Area Family and Aging Services (KAFASI) is at the helm of the #SaveLunch/March for Meals Campaign, a vital initiative aimed at eradicating senior hunger in Kenosha County. This campaign is part of a national effort to reinforce the Meals on Wheels network, which was instrumental in delivering over 125,000 meals to Kenosha’s seniors in 2023. The demographic trends indicating an aging population underscore the critical need for such services, particularly as many seniors navigate the challenges of fixed incomes and escalating living costs.

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The campaign, running from March 19th to 22nd, features a wide array of community leaders and dignitaries, including Alderperson Rollin Pizzala, County Executive Samantha Kerkman, Mayor John Antaramian, Representative Tip McGuire, Senator Bob Wirch, and Secretary of Health in Tony Evers’ Cabinet, Kirsten Johnson, actively participating in meal deliveries and senior engagement. The week’s recognition will include the presentation of a City of Kenosha Mayor Proclamation on Tuesday, a Kenosha County Executive Proclamation on Wednesday, and a Governor’s Proclamation. Additionally, Secretary of Health in Tony Evers’ Cabinet, Kirsten Johnson, will speak on Thursday.

The tangible impact of Meals on Wheels is evident through beneficiary testimonials, with 77% reporting improved health, 85% feeling more secure in their homes, and an impressive 92% stating that the meals are crucial to their independence. One Kenosha recipient eloquently summed up the program’s value, stating, “Without Meals on Wheels, my home would no longer be my sanctuary,” underscoring the program’s role in providing both nutritional and emotional support.

KAFASI invites the broader Kenosha community to get involved in this cause, highlighting the impact of donations and volunteer efforts on enhancing the lives of seniors. This campaign transcends meal provision, symbolizing the community’s collective commitment to care, compassion, and ensuring that no senior is left in isolation.

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